Advanced Photovaltaics: Grid-Tied


Prerequisite: 40-hour Introductory PV class

Design an interconnected photovoltaic system, from site evaluation to commissioning. Prerequisite: 40 hour PV class.


To introduce the latest solar photovoltaic technologies in the market. Students will learn how to use different tools and methods to design an interconnected photovoltaic system, from site evaluation to commissioning. Focus on NEC.





• Present and future of solar energy technologies.

• Units review: Current, Voltage, Power, Ohms law, Irradiance, etc.

• Different PV systems technologies. (residential and commercial )

• Safety requirements and considerations. (OSHA)

• Introduction of NEC (National Electrical Code)

Design Preparation

• Residential site survey.

• Structural considerations.(roof strength, inclination, age, etc.)

• Design considerations approach.

• Wind load considerations.

• Structural load considerations.

• Structural complications.

System Design

• Designing the project.

• Selecting the right materials for the right job.

• Different mounting systems and attaching methods.

• Wind load and structural calculations.

• Considering local building and electrical requirements.

• Electrical design approach.(NEC article 690)

• System sizing and efficiency considerations.

• Selecting the right module.

• Selecting and sizing the inverter.

• System design using on-line tools.

• NEC and electric design.

• UL listing and PV design.

• Interconnection point.

• Commissioning the system.

• Trouble shooting.

Other Issues

• Good working ethics

• Net metering in the US

• Local grid requirements.

• Permitting and applications

• System cost and pay back