Solar Thermal Design and Installation


An 18-hour hands-on training for trades people, students in the trades track, engineers, architects, HVAC practitioners and other curious professionals. This course is designed to meet qualification training expectations for NABCEP installer exams and re-certification requirements.


Class Description:

In early 2008, energy prices rose to unprecedented levels. Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have risen to levels last seen 450,000 years ago. Solar thermal systems will address both issues, and will allow citizens to take advantage of lucrative federal and state tax credits. Today's solar thermal systems are reliable and efficient, but must be customized for each client's unique hot water system design. Solar thermal system design and installation capability can be a profitable addition to your list of services. Day 1 will cover NE solar resources, client Btu need determination and solar loop design options. Day 2 will cover collectors, roof attachments, recharging old systems, heat exchange considerations and solar business issues. Day 3 will review earlier days' instruction, tankage options, solar financing, code matters, and integration of solar storage with existing and new DHW and space heat systems on site.


The intent of our courses is to:

-Prepare the student to sit for the full (and entry level) test and pass it

-Meet the NABCEP expectations for SHW training programs for seating qualification

-Meet the NABCEP expectations for recertification training requirements

-Meet expectations of a "board-recognized training program

-Prepare mechanically adept students to install their first solar thermal system and diagnose and repair existing systems

-Instruct interested professionals and instructors in the basic and intermediate level elements of solar thermal systems design and installation

-Familiarize students and homeowners with the critical elements of solar thermal systems